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I had something of a mishap today.

It all started when I decided to have a QUICK tidy up of the wiring system around my computer and all the hardware that has tended to latch itself on over the years: back-up thingies, switchy whatsits, peripheral... erm ... peripherals, and multifarious widgets, twidgets and gadgets that are so temptingly displayed online for mugs like me to buy as need-to-haves.

Let's not think about all the gear that was agonised over and eventually bought just a few years back: "Can I afford it? - what the hell!". Hugely expensive, and now just junk destined for some Chinese landfill site.

Anywho, I have been compared to a Belaz 71750: hard to get going, but a bugger to stop. So, longstory, not quite so long story - after redecorating the entire room and laying a brand new carpet, I thought I really, really needed to add some non-slippy, sticky things to the legs of my desk. You don't have time for the explanation of why - just trust me.

I found some adhesive in the shed that might do the trick. I'd been keeping it for just such an eventuality. I'd been keeping it for quite a few years. I'd been keeping it for so many years that, when I took the cap off the dispensing nozzle, it became evident that the tube was very firmly blocked. Undeterred, I unscrewed the nozzle and gave the hardened contents a poke. There was a certain amount of give which lead me to believe that the gluey content of the container was not entirely beyond recovery. Thus emboldened, I added a bit more pressure.

Have I mentioned that I was doing this adjacent to my office desk?

End result - glue over the keyboard, the mouse, a VDU, a notepad, the carpet, etc. etc. ME!

So, if I message you to say "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm", it's not displaying affection (necessarily). I could have hit the 'F' key, so be thankful.


4:51 p.m. - 27 July, 2018


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