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Everything is Relative

A lot of people are upset about the recent "Second lock-down" in the UK.

I heard someone on the news recently saying that her / his teenage years were being 'ruined' by being forced to comply with some rules that denied her / him from going out and having fun.

I would suggest that a better definition of having your teenage years ruined would be spending them fighting in a world war: wondering exactly when the life would slowly ebb from you, in some rain-filled foxhole, after being struck by a bullet somewhere agonisingly painful; or slowly starving to death in some *redacted* prisoner of war camp (not forgetting the forced labour, torture and tropical diseases that tended to go with the other suffering).

That's what I call having your life ruined.

Is it too much to ask someone to endure a month free of clubbing? Who knows, they might save their Grandad's life!

Later this month, we have an opportunity to remember those who made real sacrifices. Let's not forget them.

Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

4:54 p.m. - 06 November, 2020


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