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Brexit Schmexit

If a person invited someone into their home and that guest began to make disparaging remarks about the host's curtains, or criticised the way they were bringing up their children, I suggest that host would have every right to be a bit peeved.

Donald T. Rump (as in Arse) doesn't believe in social niceties, and is happy to be rude to the Prime Minister of The United Kingdom and the Mayor of the City of London where he happens to be staying. Incidentally, Donald, before you lay into others for not protecting their citizens, perhaps you'd like to tell the us how many of your countrymen and women have been slaughtered so far this year by gun-toting assassins.

I dislike many of Mrs May's policies (pretty much all of them now I come to think of it), but when it comes to Brexit, I have a certain sympathy for her. She is, after all, trying to deliver what the country voted for: albeit by a small margin, and they didn't truly know what they were voting for I suspect.

Meanwhile she is sniped at from all sides by friend and foe alike: most of whom wouldn't know a principle if it kicked them in the crutch, and are just out to further their own careers. Up to a point, it is the opposition's job to oppose. The Tories who are generating so much difficulty for the PM have no such excuse and, if the end result of the negotiations is a terrible deal, we should remember who these loose cannon were. "Traitor" might not be too strong a word for them.

And if D.T.Rump likes Batty Boris, it is because they are two of a kind: very clever men who cloak their agendas in a shroud of buffoonery.

Boris, if we remember back to the referendum, was very slow in deciding which side he was going to support, but in the end - rather like The Vicar of Bray - he plumped for the winning side. So, if you want a man of principle for your next political leader, you may have to look further afield.

11:35 a.m. - 13 July, 2018


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