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Lateral Drinking

I've been reading how Belgians are being urged to eat more of their favourite 'frites' (chips, traditionally served with mayo), since consumption of this delicacy has dropped, and there is something of a potato mountain building up.

The thing is, they need to think outside the box. What else can you make out of potatoes?
Of course: Vodka!!!

It came to me in a flash.The Ruskies have been doing it for ever, and surely booze sales are on the up (no research has been done to back this up, except in my house).

But alternatively, you could make hand sanitiser. Now that's a growth industry.

So, I just need to make sure I don't wash in vodka and drink the sanitiser (it's an acquired taste - I know).

p. s

I keep meaning to write about why two metres is a ludicrously small distance to separate from other people. Keep safe; keep well clear.

p. p. s

V .E. Day Commemoration Party was a great success. I know soooo many more people in our street now. Excellent!

5:39 p.m. - 09 May, 2020


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