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Who Is That Masked Man? Surely not a Tory!

A certain Conservative Knight, and Member of Parliament, was outraged and incensed yesterday (going in two directions at once is absolutely no problem for our UK government: they are also quite adept at circles).

The issue that ignited his fire - and, indeed, his ire - was that of ‘face-coverings’.
Who would have thought that wearing a simple bit of fabric over one’s visage, when going shopping, would have provoked such a ferocious storm against the idea? Indeed, I imagine some of the ‘hoody fraternity’ are positively relishing the thought of covering yet another portion of their features to bamboozle Big Brother’s Facial Recognition System.

Anyway, it seems a lot of people are really against the idea of wearing a mask in a store just on the possibility that it might, maybe, stop someone dying!?

I agree that just wearing a mask is not going to help anything. It has to be worn properly; be washed after every use; not fiddled with every two seconds; made from some tightly woven material and (if it is of the disposable variety) NOT CHUCKED AWAY ON THE ROADSIDE AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY!

Talking of early deaths, I read that, on being challenged in some Kansas BBQ diner for not wearing a face-covering earlier this week, a guy in a MAGA hat claimed he was exempt on account of his packing a pistol. I loved the manager’s quoted response: “Your gun's not going to kill coronavirus, now get the hell out of here."

But that was in America: a strange alien world that I have no wish to visit ever again. (Sorry my US friends, but that’s the truth).

Back to the UK, which also appears to be getting weirder by the day, this knight, of whom I spoke earlier, is reportedly quite open to an “entirely acceptable bit of fun”: to wit, blacking up as James Brown, but totally anti saving lives.

Again, regarding wearing a face-covering in shops, he is quoted as saying, “Nothing would make me less likely to go shopping”.

However, having seen him, I rather suspect that he has ‘a man’ to do his shopping for him.

Sometimes I wish our MPs would just take the money and SHUT THE **** UP!

5:38 p.m. - 15 July, 2020


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